And Then There Were None


A short but quite hilarious update.

As you may recall, I have recently made some new gay friends, two of them quite cute. I made out with one, but of course it turned out he was moving to London the next day.

The second one, Jimmy, came over to mine for tea and biscuits (how very 1800s) and announced he is moving to France


Off they go!

He also announced that he has a bf! Oh yes, cute Jimmy from the gay club has a bf and was extremely surprised he forgot to mention that before.  “I’m sure I told you!”, he said. “I’m sure I’d remember!”, I said.

I also started talking with this other guy who seemed funny and interesting. We were supposed to meet up for one drink on my Name Day, but after he asked me if all guys in my country have big dicks, cause he knows one who is 8.5 inches, I decided he doesn’t really deserve my time…


Last but not least, I’ve started talking with this guy I knew ages ago, who is cute and finds me attractive and has a sense of humour just as fucked up as mine. We scheduled a date for Tuesday. That was before it turned out he’s voting Tory and thinks immigrants steal welfare and should F off, that Britian should leave the EU and there’s nothing wrong with people like me “just applying for a work visa” … Right, cause that really makes me wanna go on a date with you. He didn’t take my leftist comments lightly. 


I don’t know if there’s something seriously wrong with all the guys I talk to, or maybe there’s something wrong with me.


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